Every week the House of Anubis Pairings Wiki has a new Community Project. The first community project will start on December 9th, 2012 12:00 PM in NY, US time. If you live in England it will probably be a little bit later for you, sorry. Anyways, to be a part of our community project please write your username in the comments below. I will enroll you in what I call an "Assignment." I will right your assignment under the section with the current weeks dates on the Saturday before every Sunday.

What are some perks of doing this? Well, if you do want to know, I am creating a page called Admin Ranking. Each user's name is featured on it. Once you achieve at least 500 achievement points, 100 edits, and 10 bars (I explain on the page) I will make you an admin. Once you are an admjin, for 50 bars you can become a beaurcrat. For completing an "assignment" you are gifted one bar.

December 9th, 2012Edit


This weeks project is to upload fanfictions and moments pages. To complete this project, we need everyone to help. If we all complete our "assignments" this wiki will soon be looking beautiful.