Fanfics of Fabina from "" and from "". Most of them I find also has other couples in the story.

Chrome Hearts written by HOAArianaLover

When Will I See You Again written by sabrina 268

Forever written by Baby Chichi

Scepter of Osiris written by amateurdetective9

Will We Ever Get A Break? written by BigBieberRhinosaur

We Meet Again written by purple389

Red written by GreekGoddess00

A Dance To Remember written by SibunAmber

All Alone written by MissLilly235045

I'm Still Breathing written by MissLilly235045

Silent written by The Free Mockingjay

Can't live without you written by jeremygilbert12

Dear Nina written by BLKUK

Fabina love story: Our life written by ArianaTigerx3

The Waterways written by That Elusive Reader

One Secret You Have to Keep? written by JessIsTheBest

The Vines? written by That Elusive Reader

Gonna pick up the pieces (a House of Anubis/Fabina fanfic)? written by pinkpocet56

House of Anubis: When Will This End?? written by Sparksfly33

The Death And Rise Of Nina Marie Martin? written by hoa1

All Over Again? written by RandomGirl200

Life at Anubis house and beyond? written by SibunaForever73

He was my Cream, and I was his Coffee? written by vibrantblueeyes

The GFBTIITLTSEDPE plan? written by MusicIsMyLife14

Nina's Secret Admirer written by Baby Chichi

Stay Stay Stay written by artist98

A Little Forgotten Dance written by Hoarocker101

Ever Ever After written by PrincessMelody1297

A Wonderful Christmas written by SibunaGleeLover