Jabian (13)
Some attributes
First Shipped Characters: Joy Mercer and Fabian Rutter
Second Length of Relationship: Pre-Season 1 to Present
Third Relationship: (friendship)
Other attributes
Fourth Status: Good Friends
Fifth Rivals: Fabicia
Sixth Other Pairing Names: Foy
Jabian (J/oy and F/abian) is the friendship pairing of Joy Mercer and Fabian Rutter. The two didn't have a lot of screen time together in Season 3 after Joy went missing, but tried to rebuild their friendship in Season 2. In the Secrets within: Seceret scene, Joy said she still liked him. It is sure Joy liked him before she disppeared. Patricia has said to Joy they weren't actually going out. During Season 2, Joy did everything in her power to get Fabian back from Nina. After Joy published a mean article about Nina, Fabian was no longer her best friend. After Joy and Fabian won Senet together, Joy asked Fabian "Friends?" and he shook her hand in agreement, meaning Jabian came on good terms again. Joy also has a nickname for Fabian- Fabes. Although they kissed because Fabian thought it was Nina which he wanted to kiss and Joy had Nina's mask.

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