General Information
Shipped Characters: Mick Campbell and Fabian Rutter
Length of Relationship: Pre-Season 1 to Present
Status: Friendship
Other Pairing Names: Fick
Mickbian (Mick and Fa/bian) is the friendship pairing of Mick Campbell and Fabian Rutter. The two are really good friends and roomates. Mick isn't in Sibuna, but Fabian still helps him out with his problems and vice versa, for example, Fabian sorting out Mick's relationship with Amber when Jerome spreads rumors around that Amber had a date with Alfie. Mick and Fabian don't spend much time together as they both were busy dating some [Mick with Mara and Fabian and Nina] and Fabian in Sibuna. Fabian was sad when Mick announced he was moving to Astralia, but he was happy for him . They also have a friendship handshake!

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