Never A Dull MomentEdit

Author: uniqueinkblotsEdit

A series of unrelated drabbles/short one-shots, all Peddie centric. They are of varying lengths, some with guest appearances by other HoA characters.

Chapter 1: Words With FriendsEdit

"Unbelievable," Fabian huffed, glaring at his phone. "Nina, I can't believe you just played a 106 point word! How is that even possible?"

Nina shrugged coyly and glanced at her own phone. "I got 30 points for the J because of the triple letter spot and then there happened to be a triple word spot right below there and that accounts for at least 90 points so…" she looked up and winked. "106 points isn't such a stretch! It's possible."

Fabian frowned deeply. "I can't believe you're winning because of it."

"I can't believe you're jealous!"

Eddie quirked an eyebrow high and Patricia coughed lightly to remind the two they were in the room. "You're playing a word game? Kind of lame, don't you think?"

Eddie nodded in agreement. "And you're fighting over it?" He shook his head and laughed. "Weird but kind of cute."

"Words With Friends is really fun and it keeps the mind sharp," Fabian protested. "Except when people go around making 106 point words…"

"I had the letters, so I made the word!" Nina defended. "Relax."

Patricia rolled her eyes and reached for the game controllers lying on the coffee table. "Come on, Eddie. Let's play our own game and drown them out."

"Sounds like a plan," he picked up the controller and within minutes they were wildly involved in their game. It wasn't long before an argument that resembled that of Fabian and Nina's erupted between the pair.

"You're totally cheating, cockroach!"

"Maybe if you'd stop talking, yacker, you'd pay attention and see I'm winning fair and square!"

Fabian and Nina shared a look of mutual confusion and then smiled at each other, their own fight forgotten. Fabian laughed. "Video games. What a stupid thing to fight over."

"Yeah," Nina said, reaching for her phone once more. "By the way…just made a 68 point word."


Chapter 2: Dinner With the Sweets-Take TwoEdit

"I don't do restaurants," Patricia announced, emerging from the kitchen with two plates balanced on either hand. "I'm sure you understand."

Mr. Sweet nodded gravely, remembering the dinner fiasco from only a few weeks ago. "I do," he said, accepting the plate loaded with pasta with an eager smile. "It appears that you can cook though? I must say, Patricia. I'm surprised!"

Eddie laughed and grabbed the other plate from Patricia's hand, in a much less proper manner than his father. (But wasn't that part of what made him and Patricia so right together? They were rude and tactless and just plain adorable, in his not so humble opinion.) "I was pretty shocked too."

Patricia swatted him on the arm lightly. "I'm a good cook," she said. "You said so yourself, remember?"

"This is excellent, Patricia," Mr. Sweet assured. "You're nothing like Piper, but I'm sure you get that all the time. Piper was very much into the arts. Composers, literature,music in itself. Good heavens, she was delightful. Tell me about yourself? I'm sure you're just as lovely."

Eddie glanced at Patricia warily. So far the "do over" dinner had been going pretty well but he himself wasn't quite too sure what Patricia enjoyed. Their attraction was undeniable, but so was the fact that they hadn't known each other for long. What did she like? He wasn't sure if her answer would impress his father or not.

But I don't care if it does, he reminded himself. He liked Patricia for who she was and he wasn't going to back down or give her up, even if his father didn't end up liking her and her answers. It had taken him so long to get her to even consider dating him. He wasn't about to throw out all his hard work. (Especially since he rarely did any to begin with.)

"Tell you about myself," Patricia repeated thoughtfully. She perked up only a moment later, having found her answer. "Well," she began gravely. "My absolute favorite thing to do is pull pranks in your class, Mr. Sweet."

Eddie threw his head back and laughed openly, while Mr. Sweet practically choked on his water. "I'm honored," he finally managed, once he had regained his breath.

"No it's true!" Patricia insisted, digging into her pasta, mumbling with her mouth full. (That's just one of the things she did and Eddie loved it when she did what made her herself.) "Practical jokes are always fantastic, but messing with you produces a special type of satisfaction. I truly love it. You should consider yourself special, Mr. Sweet!"

Patricia smiled at him brightly, as if she had awarded him a high honor of which he ought to be proud of.

Mr. Sweet blinked dumbly, clearly unintelligible. He almost felt like he was supposed to thank her, how absurd. He fiddled with the collar of his shirt and finally managed a strained, but surprisingly genuine smile. The girl had spunk, after all. He had to admit at least that much.

Eddie, on the other hand, sat with his chin resting in his hands, openly staring at Patricia all starry eyed. What was not to like? She was pretty, funny, and best of all? She was his.

So all in all, the dinner hadn't actually been so bad. In fact, it had gone rather well.

Not to mention…Eddie ended up loving her answer to his father's question….just one more plus point for his girl.

Chapter 3: Summer FarewellsEdit

"A whole summer without you," Patricia mused. "That's too bad. I was just beginning to adjust to your annoying but kind of endearing presence. Whatever am I going to do?"

Eddie smiled vaguely, his gaze far off and unfocused. Patricia followed his vacant look and sighed upon realizing he wasn't going to make a comeback. Mr. Sweet was chatting with a security guard posted at the entrance to the check-in counter. He was probably making sure they were on the right line.

Poor Eddie, Patricia thought. He must be really worried about spending the summer with Mr. Sweet off school grounds. And the fact that his parents are going to be living under the same roof all summer long even though they aren't on the best of terms. Man, that's nerve wracking.

Patricia wrapped her arms around Eddie's waste cuddled into his side. They had been dating for a couple months, but she was still new to the whole "give your boyfriend comfort" thing. "Everything will be fine," she attempted.

Eddie hugged her back and nodded reluctantly. "I really hope so," he mumbled. He smiled wistfully, holding her close. "I'm going to miss you, you know."

"Oh no," Patricia moaned.

Eddie leaned back abruptly, eyes wide and family troubles momentarily forgotten. "You don't want me to miss you?"

"It's not that!" Patricia quickly replied. "It's just that….I never ever imagined I'd ever have a boyfriend. And I certainly didn't imagine we'd be one of those couples."

"Those couples? What couples?" Eddie demanded with a scowl. He was stressed and he didn't have the patience to deal with Patricia's cryptic side.

"Sappy goodbyes at the airport is as low as it gets, Eddie," Patricia complained. "I can't believe this is happening."

Eddie laughed sincerely for the first time all morning and Patricia beamed because she had caused that.

"Nice one, Williamson," he praised. "But you know you're loving this moment."

Patricia shrugged coyly and pulled him in for another hug. "I guess I do. We're corny romantics at heart, I guess."

"That we are," Eddie agreed. "Ssh - it'll be our secret though. I've got a rep to protect!"

Patricia rolled her eyes and kissed him quickly, before Mr. Sweet could redirect his attention them. (That would have been embarrassing.) "Have a good trip, Eddie. Your summer will be amazing, I'm sure of it."

"Thanks," Eddie squeezed her hand gratefully, and with one last hug he was walking through the security gate.

He looked back one last time and blew her a kiss, knowing the corny gesture would absolutely destroy her. "I'll miss you," he whispered to himself.

Patricia was several hundred feet away, echoing the same exact thoughts.

I'll miss you too.

Chapter 4: Unconventional Prom ProposalEdit

Eddie bobbed his head to his music, lost in the world of loud punk rock. He finally removed his headphones and gently closed his laptop when he realized that Fabian was stillpacing. "Dude," Eddie said. "You've been circling the room for a half hour. What is with you?"

Fabian abruptly stopped walking back and forth and sank onto the couch, buying his face in his hands. He mumbled something unintelligible, his face hidden.

Eddie shifted to a side so that Fabian would have more space. He leaned forward, slightly concerned. "Is everything okay?"

Alfie, who had been trying to balance a ping pong ball in the air dropped his ball and paddle and joined his friends on the couch. "Move over," he ordered with a slight push to Eddie's shoulder.

Eddie readjusted himself obediently and shot Alfie a look of disbelief. "You're still trying to get better at ping pong? Give it up, bro."

A cheerful grin graced Alfie's face. "I'm convinced it's the sport for me," he confirmed, waving his hand dismissively. "But anyway, don't worry about Fabian. He's absolutely fine."

Eddie glanced at Fabian who had not yet emerged from his self-made hiding place. His head remained buried in his arms. "He doesn't look fine."

"He is," Alfie countered with confidence. "You weren't here last year, so you don't know how the drill goes. When prom comes around, Fabian turns into a pile of nervous mush."

"What?" Eddie took a look at Fabian's forlorn figure and Alfie's knowing smirk and burst out laughing. "But dude," Eddie gasped. "You're going out with Nina, it's not like she's going to say no. What's so hard?"

Fabian finally lifted his head and shook it vehemently from side to side. "You don't know that."

"Yes I do!" Eddie insisted. "Take me and Yacker for example. I know we'll go to prom together. It's basically a given."

Alfie propped his feet on the coffee table and placed his arms behind his head, making himself comfortable. He shot Eddie a knowing look. "I don't know, man. Have you asked her yet?" Dating Amber meant knowing all about how girls reacted. He had to admit, it was a surprising bonus to be well informed on relationships. Besides, when he had asked Amber to prom, Trudy had thought he was asking her to marry him. That's how extravagant it had to be. And if Eddie thought dating a girl meant prom was a "given", he was certainly going to be very surprised.

"Well, no," Eddie admitted. "But watch how it's done. Look, there she is."

Patricia was indeed passing through the hall, textbooks in hand. "Hey guys," she called, before passing the living room.

"Patricia, wait! I wanted to ask you something!" Eddie jumped up and dragged her back into the room by the arm.

"What is it?" Patricia broke free and rubbed her arm, glaring daggers at him.

"Fierce," Alfie commented.

Eddie took a moment to glower at Alfie before smiling encouragingly at Fabian, indicating that he should pay attention. He took a deep breath and turned to face Patricia. "You. Me. Prom."

"Excuse me?" she demanded, hands on her hips. Clearly, she was feeling indignant.

Eddie paused, suddenly hesitant. That hadn't been the reaction he was hoping to receive. "Well we're going out. Obviously we're going to go to prom together.…" he faltered, allowing his voice to trail off and sounding unsure. "...right?"

"Uh, wrong." Patricia practically spat. "Just because we're dating doesn't mean you still don't have to ask me. And not only should you be asking me, you should be doing it some ridiculously cute way that I will outwardly hate but secretly love! DUH. You doofus."

Eddie winced. "Oh…" Clearly, he had been off the mark with this one. He briefly wondered if he was going to be held responsible for the heart attack Fabian would ultimately have from watching this scenario. The guy was probably terrified.

Patricia's face softened and she patted his shoulder condescendingly. "But don't worry, cute clueless boyfriend of mine. You're lucky I give second chances," she said. With one final teasing smile and a soft kiss to his cheek, she winked and exited the room.

Alfie roared with laughter. "Nicely played, Eddie."

"Shut up," Eddie muttered, tossing a pillow at his head. Alfie caught it in the air, bending his head and muffling his laughter into it.

Fabian, on the other hand, seemed horrified. "That's you showing me how it's done? She hated that. And she expects a grand gesture now! Does that mean Nina expects a grand gesture too? Are all girls like that?" Fabian groaned and stalked out of the room, completely bewildered.

"She doesn't hate me!" Eddie called after him. "That could have gone much worse. I mean…she kissed me," Eddie argued to an invisible Fabian. He sighed and collapsed back onto the couch, deep in thought. He had meant well, but Fabian hadn't appreciated his little demonstration. He frowned. Neither had Patricia for the matter. What had she said? A ridiculously cute way of asking her to prom that she would claim to hate but would actually love? Looks like it was back to the drawing board for him.

Alfie, still in peels of laughter, slapped Eddie on the back and gave him his goofiest grin. "Oh, man. Way to go, Eddie. Best prom proposal ever."

Eddie grabbed the pillow he had thrown at Alfie's head earlier and smacked him with it. Repeatedly.

Chapter 5: Pancake RunEdit

"What are you doing?"

Eddie glanced up from his giant stack of pancakes, bottle of whipped cream in hand. He grinned at the sound of Patricia's voice and licked some of the pancake batter off his fingers. "Ah, the sweet sound of my beautiful girlfriend's voice!"

Patricia rolled her eyes, unamused. "Quit the dramatics, Sweet." She inched closer to the kitchen table as though afraid to be anywhere near Eddie and his messy pancake run.

Eddie set the bottle of whipped cream down with a frown and threw his hands up in the air, distraught. "Why does everyone react like that? The last time I made pancakes, not only did Victor voice his disapproval, he took them away too!" He stuck his tongue out childishly at Patricia and scowled. "Do British people not understand the awesomeness that is pancakes?"

Patricia muffled her laughter into her hand and smiled at him fondly. "Relax, Mr. King of breakfast for dinner," she teased. "I was just a little surprised. There are enough pancakes here for ten people."

Eddie smiled back, apparently appeased. He tugged her hand and pulled her to his chest in a warm hug. "Actually, I thought there was enough just for two," he said shyly.

"Aww, you're adorable," Patricia cooed, pulling free and sitting down in front of the stack of pancakes. Eddie took that as his cue to sit beside her and they sat side by side, knees grazing.

"So are you going to feed me?" he handed her the bottle of whipped cream and nodded towards the pile of pancakes. "Go ahead and add the final touch."

Patricia stared intently at the pile of pancakes. "Honestly, I don't think they need anything. You on the other hand…."

Eddie narrowed his eyes, romantic mood forgotten. He was suddenly alert. "Wait, Patricia. What exactly are you going to do?"

She popped the cap of the whipped cream and sprayed him in the face with it, laughing all the while.

"PATRICIA!" Eddie snatched the can of whipped cream and sprayed her back. "You're not going to get away with this," he threatened, chasing her around the kitchen. He finally caught her in his arms, breathing hard from exertion. "Game over," he begged, remembering the stack of delicious pancakes waiting for them. "Let's eat now?" He couldn't hide the hope that colored his voice and Patricia outrightly giggled because he was just too cute.

She grabbed some paper towels for them to clean up just as Amber strolled into the kitchen and immediately stumbled a step backwards upon taking in the scene. "Woah," she exclaimed. "If you two are going to lick the whipped cream off each other please wait till I'm in the clear," she said, shielding her eyes and racing out of the room.

Patricia blushed, groaning in embarrassment. Somehow Amber always caught them at the absolute worst moments.

Eddie beamed, his whole face laughing lighting up.

"That sounds like a great idea."


Chapter 6: Stolen JournalEdit

Part of the reason Eddie and Patricia clicked the way they did was because they both cared about their reputations. Eddie was determined to maintain the "cool bad boy" persona, while Patricia was set on seeming forever indifferent and unconcerned. The only difference was that Patricia was often more successful, seeing as Eddie's cute insecurities constantly caused him to drop his act on a practically regular basis.

Patricia rarely let her mask fall. (Of course it was a mask. She wasn't really that unaffected.) Pulling off the cute goth girl look was not effortless. She wanted to look tough, not emo or depressed or heaven forbid, vampire. Doing her makeup actually took a long time. Organizing her retro tights by design was a job that could last hours. And finally, hiding her journal where she actually admitted her deepest thoughts was not a simple task. (Who was she kidding? If Joy knew such a notebook existed, all her secrets would be revealed in a heartbeat.)

So when a certain blond green-eyed boyfriend actually found said prized journal and furthermore started reading it, it was only fair for Patricia to be livid.


Nina put her mouth to her hand in shock and dissolved into shock laughter while Alfie roared alongside her. Fabian merely winced and mouthed a sincere "good luck" to his roommate, hiding behind his library book on Egyptian myths.

Eddie grinned cheekily, hoping to dazzle Patricia with that "cute smile" he had just read about. "If you kill me, you can't see my oh so cute smile!" He winked and hopped over the couch and out of Patricia's reach.

She dove around the other side and glared at him furiously, eyes widening slightly upon realizing he was quoting her journal. "Eddie, that's private!"

"I want to read what you said about me," he insisted. "After all, I was letting my feelings flow like the freaking Niagra Falls and you wouldn't tell me anything until we kissed because you were just so stubborn and really, I think it's fair."

Patricia paused momentarily, glancing at him curiously. "The Nia what?"

"Niagra Falls," Eddie corrected. "And it doesn't matter," he continued, clutching the journal to his chest and streaking out of the room.

Patricia followed him angrily, relieved that now, at least they were alone.

"Eddie, you can't just read my personal journal! That's so embarrassing and an invasion of my privacy!"

Eddie rolled his eyes and shrugged. "No secrets between us, remember? Besides. I love knowing that you think I'm sweet and adorable and that my eyes are as green as thespring grass outside." He laughed. "Aww, you're practically a poet. Really cute."

Patricia flushed and folded her arms across her chest, no longer even looking at him.

Eddie sighed and put the notebook down, holding his hands up in defeat. "Okay, I'm sorry," he conceded. "I shouldn't have touched your journal."

Patricia didn't look up and he hesitantly took a step closer. "I'm really sorry," he insisted, pressing a light kiss to her cheek.

She now fought to keep a smile off her face and twisted her head away stubbornly when he leaned in to kiss her for real. Eddie held her tight, refusing to let her out of his grasp. "It's just nice to have proof that you care," he confessed.

That caught Patricia's attention. She snapped her head up and smacked him in the back of the head. She seemed genuinely offended. "Of course I care!"

"Right," Eddie agreed. "Maybe I just like reading about how hot I am then," he mused bursting into peels of laughter when Patricia attempted to burn him with one of her icy stares.

"I'm going to kill you," she murmured miserably, not even meaning a word.

"Sure you are," Eddie agreed, linking their fingers together and leading them out her room, journal left behind and forgotten.

Chapter 7:HotEdit

"Stop drooling," Amber giggled. She lay flat on her stomach, clearly attempting to tan. She lifted her head from her arms only to shoot Patricia a knowing smile and elbow her lightly.

"I'm not drooling," Patricia protested. Refusing to tear her eyes away from Eddie, she didn't so much as even look at Amber.

"You are, but I suppose he's cute enough to merit a little ogling."

"Cute?" Patricia finally focused her attention away from the boys' volleyball game and tossed a handful of sand in Amber's direction. "Eddie is hot."

Amber squealed. "I can't believe you admitted that out loud! Go be all lovey dovey with him then. Go cuddle or something. You have my blessing!"

Patricia wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "Cuddle? At the beach? Not really the scene for that. Besides it's really hot out."

Amber rolled her eyes from behind her hot pink sunglasses. "The weather is hot. Eddie is hot. You're hot. I'm hot. Just go up to him and at least start a conversation because...EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS HOT!"

She burst out into a fit of giggles, knowing her little outburst would get on Patricia's nerves.

"Why did you say that so loud, Amber!" Patricia reached over to push Amber gently who rolled off the towel with an annoyed huff.

Amber shot Alfie a flirty wink who had stopped paying attention to the game and was looking at Amber in awe.

"You think I'm hot?"

"Of course, Alfie!" Amber responded. At one point in time she would have never answered affirmative but honestly, he was pretty attractive. It was okay to admit it now that they were actually together.

Patricia internally groaned when she realized Eddie too had stopped playing the game and was positively smirking at her. "Break," he called to the group, jogging over to her with a cheery smile.

"So what was that all about?" Eddie plopped himself beside Patricia and reached for a can of soda. "Does Amber scream about how attractive everyone and everything is every time you come to the beach?"

"It's actually never happened before," Patricia said, concentrating on the checkered design of her towel.

"So, ah. What prompted the discussion?"

Patricia shrugged coyly. "I might have said you were hot."

Eddie couldn't hide his surprise. "Really'?'"

"Don't let it get to your head," she snorted. "Loser."

"Hot loser," he corrected. "And anyway, you're looking pretty good yourself."

Patricia beamed. "I know, of course I am."

He quirked an eyebrow and stood, offering her his hand. "And that's the Patricia I know and love. C'mon, join the volleyball game we can switch it up and go boys against girls."

Patricia stared at him skeptically. "I'm going to crush you," she warned.

Eddie winked. "Bring it. I personally think you'll be too distracted," he said, wriggling out of his t-shirt and casting it aside.

"...that's cheating!"

Chapter 8:Volleyball WarsEdit

Patricia believed in fairness. So if Eddie was going to take advantage of her confession and distract her by taking his shirt off, that definitely qualified as cheating. So didn't that mean the playing field needed to be evened out? She couldn't be the only one missing the ball because her significant other looked ridiculously hot.

That simply wouldn't do. Not in Patricia's mind.

She slipped out of her cover up, revealing a vibrant orange bikini. It was a bright color; one that most girls couldn't pull off. But she was Patricia and she could pull offanything. She smirked upon realizing that Eddie was gaping at her.

And that's how you fight fire with fire, Eddie dearest', she thought with satisfaction.

"Get a grip, man. Close your mouth!" Jerome said with disapproval.

Eddie closed his jaw and tore his gaze away from Patricia with reluctance. She was hot. Not that he didn't already know that but the whole gang had been at the beach forhours and she had only just removed that stupid t-shirt thing?

"Why do you look so surprised, Eddie?" Patricia asked innocently. "You did say I looked good, right?"

"Yeah," he swallowed. "Yeah I did."

Jerome groaned. "You two are nauseatingly cute, I can't stand it. Let's just get this game going, please."

Eddie took his place next to the rest of the boys obediently, thoughts still on Patricia. She should really wear that color more often.

Patricia took her place at the front of the net and attempted to focus. She didn't know which was more distracting: looking at Eddie's abs or looking at Eddie looking at her. It felt really strange to be wanted.

"Focus, Williamson!" Amber called. "I'm a pingpong goddess, not a volleyball one. You're the star here, remember?"

"Yeah, Patricia," Mara chimed. "Don't you want to beat Eddie?"

That got her attention. She nodded to her friends and motioned for Mara to toss her the ball. She smiled widely before serving it clear over the net. "I want to crush him," she clarified. "I promised I would."

"Yes!" Mara cheered as Patricia managed to spike the ball over the net the next time it was on their side. "You're so good at this!"

"She'd be even better if she didn't keep checking out Eddie," Amber giggled.

"I'm doing fine," Patricia defended. "Besides, look at him! He's completely useless to the team right now."

Because he's too busy staring at me were the words she didn't say aloud. She didn't really have to. Everyone already knew.

"GIRLS WIN! YESSS!" Amber cheered, high-fiving Mara and pulling Patricia into a big hug. "Patricia's totally our MVP! How about you, boys?"

Jerome scowled, unhappy to accept defeat. Mara kissed his cheek and he brightened considerably. "Well it's not Eddie over here," he joked.

"I played really well the first game," Eddie muttered.

"Yeah, I wonder what happened this time," Jerome deadpanned.

"Patricia happened!"

"At least he's man enough to admit it," Jerome said, grabbing Mara by the hand and pulling her towards the ocean. "Rematch later!" he called over his shoulder.

Which left Patricia and Eddie standing all alone.

"You were the one that was cheating," Eddie accused.

"What, because of my bathing suit?" Patricia grinned and shook her head adamantly. "That's not valid. You didn't have your shirt on!"

"You distracted me," he growled. "You made the guys lose!"

"Aww, thanks for giving me the credit," she teased. "If it's any consolation I still think you're ridiculously good-looking," she admitted, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.

"Good," he replied, clearly satisfied. "At least we know that you're the cheater out of the two of us."

"I prefer to call it making things fair," Patricia disagreed. "Now come along. We're going to play in the waves like all the corny couples do."

Eddie stared at her incredulously. "Why?" They prided themselves on being less classic than the typical couple but really, they were as canon as cheesy couples came.

"Because we just played a game of boys vs girls volleyball and at this point we have no pride left to lose?"

"You're always right," Eddie commented. "And hot. You're always hot, too."

"Same goes, boyfriend."

Chapter 9: One YearEdit

Eddie paced back and forth, straightening his collar with one hand and combing nervously through his hair with the other. He was supposed to meet Patricia downstairs in ten minutes. Even though they had been together for exactly a year now, he still worried about pleasing her sometimes. So he was insecure. Whatever. He took a deep breath in an effort to calm himself.

"Don't worry so much," Fabian said, twirling his pen between his fingers. "You'll be great!" He smiled encouragingly and turned his attention back to the biology report he was working on.

"You're one to talk," Eddie muttered darkly. It was kind of hilarious that out of all the guys in Anubis House, nervous slow going Fabian was shooting around relationship advice. While he knew how to charm Nina, he was still fairly awkward in doing so.

"Time to go," Eddie said, grabbing a bouquet of roses off his dresser and adjusting his clothing one last time. This date shouldn't be freaking him out so much but it was theiranniversary, and he had never been with a girl for so long, especially a girl as special as Patricia.

He raced down the stairs and nearly bumped into her at the foot of the stairs. "Hi," he said breathlessly. "Happy Anniversary."

"Same to you, Eddie," Patricia smiled at him and looked him over appreciatively. He looked good.

His shoulders slumped slightly. She didn't seem nearly as worked up as he did and that made him feel kind of stupid. How was she so put together while he was so...? His brow furrowed and he mentally berated himself for being so uncool.

"What's wrong?" Patricia reached out to touch his shoulder, a frown spreading across her pretty face.

"It's silly," Eddie admitted. "It's just...I've been obsessing over our date all evening and you...well you're better shape?" he ended lamely with a pathetic question in his voice. Now that he had voiced his concern aloud he realized how ridiculous it sounded. He winced. How had he already messed this up? What if she got mad at him?

"That's not silly," Patricia countered. "I was nervous too," she admitted with a shy smile. She followed it up with a playful wink. "Although I am better at keeping my cool."

"True," Eddie mumbled. He could still remember when they first met. A year ago he was the one keeping her on her toes and now the role had somewhat reversed. At least tonight. "I got you something," he handed her the flowers and grinned weakly, fears appeased.

"Flowers!" she exclaimed. "I should murder you for pulling the classic anniversary date moves on me but I guess it's kind of sweet."

"You know you love it."

"I guess I do," Patricia laughed and pulled a box of chocolates from behind her back. "I got you something too though."

"You did?" Eddie looked surprised. "You didn't have to. Isn't it the guy's job to do all the work on special nights like this?"

"Nah, I don't really believe in that. Besides, my gift isn't as sincere as yours," Patricia giggled and motioned towards the box of chocolate. "Check it out, weasel."

Eddie turned the box over in his hands to read the label and laughed aloud when he realized what she'd gifted him. Those snail chocolate things. The very same from a whole year ago. "Clever," he gasped between laughter.

"I try," Patricia dragged him to the door and they slipped outside into the cool evening breeze. "So you know I don't do restaurants..."

"...And we know how Amber's picnic turned out last term so we don't want to try anything similar."

"So that leaves us with..." Patricia looked at him with uncertainty. "Um. What exactly did you have planned?"

Eddie smiled widely. "Nina helped me cook us a meal and then Fabian showed me this really cool place that we could eat in. I'll show you."

They walked hand in hand to into the woods, Patricia never questioning him. She trusted him.

Finally, they arrived.

"A tree house," she gasped.

"We can eat from up there and get a view of the whole campus," Eddie whispered, pressing a light kiss to her lips. "Come on. Race you to the top," he grinned devilishly and began to climb the tree with Patricia right at his heels.

Because they wouldn't be the adorable couple they were if there wasn't a little fun involved.

Chapter 10: Encountering Eddie's ExEdit

"I actually really like this place," Eddie marveled. He popped a gummy bear in his mouth and chewed cheerfully, savoring the fruity flavor.

"I thought you realized you liked going to school here ages back," Patricia tugged her hand free from his gentle grasp and frowned at him. "What are you talking about?"

"Not about school," Eddie assured her, reaching for her hand once more. "I was talking about this town. It's nice. I kind of feel like Harry Potter! This downtown area is like our own personal Hogsmede," he said.

"You and your random Harry Potter references. I swear, that's all Americans are familiar with when it comes to England." Patricia rolled her eyes, but a small smile brightening her features. She was relived he was talking about the town and not the actual school which he had claimed to like weeks ago. "But to address your overrated reference, we don't need permission slips to come here. And there are no secret passages either."

"That's what you think," Eddie said lightly, releasing his hold on her to grab another handful of gummy bears from the stash he had just bought from the local sweets shop. "With all the weird stuff that goes around in Anubis House, I wouldn't be surprised if a set of secret caves emerged somewhere around here. Just like those crazy tunnels from last term or something."

"Good point," Patricia conceded. "Anyway, stop snacking. It's getting late and we should really just grab dinner before we head back home," she said.

Eddie reluctantly pocketed the gummy bear and followed her lead into a small cozy Greek restaurant. They were seated outdoors and they looked at the menus in comfortable silence, enjoying the fading rays of the evening sun that graced the courtyard with a soft orange glow.

Eddie finally looked up and shot Patricia his finest I'm about to crush you in flirtatious banter smile. "I thought you didn't do restaurants."

"This is a cafe," Patricia retorted with an easy smile of her own. She opened her mouth to speak again but paused when she sensed the presence of another person beside their table.

"Eddie," a female voice gushed.

Patricia immediately tightened her grip on her menu, inwardly fuming. She looked up to see a tall slender girl with long blond curls. She had big blue eyes and an American accent. (She was truly convinced the whole of America had decided to just migrate to their school campus. Nina, Eddie, threatening intruder girl...)

"Olivia!" Eddie looked shocked. Too shocked to prevent her from bending down in pressing a sloppy kiss to his cheek. He flushed, deciding against looking at Patricia. Because if looks could kill, he was pretty sure he was a dead man.

"It's been so long, Ed!" Olivia beamed at him and pulled a chair up to their table without invitation, settling herself down with that stupid wide smile of hers.

"Yeah," Eddie replied. "Um. This is Patricia, by the way. She's my - "

"I'm his girlfriend," Patricia practically snarled.

"Girlfriend," Olivia echoed, eyeing Patricia quickly and deeming her unimpressive. "How cute," she drawled.

Patricia wanted to punch her. Right here. Right now. With a little luck, Eddie would find said gesture hot and they would live happily ever after. Her thoughts were uninterrupted by no other than Eddie.

"Um, yeah," he confirmed, eying Patricia with a slightly panicked look. "Patricia, this is a friend from my old school," he said nervously. "Back in the states."

"We used to go out," Olivia corrected. She slid her arm around his shoulders and gave him a sideways hug. Of course, she had opted to sit right next to him. "We were really good together," she purred.

" I see," Patricia commented. "Well I'm sure you understand why this is a little awkward."

"Is it?" Olivia said innocently. "I just really wanted to catch up with my man Eddie bear over here!"

"He's my man," Patricia hissed through gritted teeth. She knew she was coming off as jealous and childish but could you blame her? Whowas this chick?

Eddie cleared his throughout and awkwardly slid out of Olivia's grasp. "Anyways," he practically gasped. "What brings you here, Olivia?" He was careful to use her full name.

"You used to call me Liv," she pouted. Eddie winced. I'm sorry, he mouthed to a very fuming Patricia. She doesn't know when to back off, he signaled.

Patricia was awful at reading lips but her face had always been expressive. She sweetly offered him her best I don't care, I'm going to kill you face before "accidentally" kicking a certain Liv under the table.

"Ow!" she cried in surprise.

"Sorry," Patricia apologized, insincerity radiating off of her. She reached for the water pitcher and moved to pour herself a glass before dumping it on Olivia "by mistake." (It was her signature move! When she was ticked, it meant someone was going to get drenched. That's just how she rolls.)

"Oh my god!" Olivia stood up as the cold water hit her tan skin. "Eddie, she did that on purpose! Do something!"

"It was an accident," Eddie shrugged and casually signaled for a waiter. They hadn't even ordered yet.

"Right," Olivia said sarcastically. "And I'm just here to say hello while I wander town on vacation," she deadpanned.

Eddie raised an eyebrow at her. "Well aren't you?"

His ex-girlfriend blushed upon realizing what she had implied. She had made it pretty clear that she had been wandering the town grounds in hopes of running into him and rekindling their relationship.

"I...I have to go," Olivia finally muttered. "Have a nice life," she glared at Patricia but quickly took a step back when Patricia's death stare topped her jealous ex-girlfriend look.

"I wish I could say likewise," Patricia replied, not even bothering to look at her again. She wasn't worth the time.

"I'll be back," Olivia promised, vengeance seeping through her polite tone.

At this, Patricia openly started laughing. She couldn't help herself. "I wouldn't recommend it."

Olivia grabbed her bag off the back of the chair, throwing the pair one last wounded look before stalking out of the restaurant.

"So nice running into you again!" Eddie hollered after all. Upon meeting Patricia's look of disbelief he groaned and buried his head in his arms. "I was trying to be polite."

Patricia decided to let it drop. After all, the evil girlfriend was gone and they had a date to finish.

"Let's just order, Eddie bear."

Chapter 11: TackledEdit

"I don't think this is a good idea," Patricia frowned skeptically, kicking at the ground with the tip of her sneaker. "You know I'm not a fan of your weird tackling game."

Eddie glared, adjusting his helmet so that it sat comfortably on his head. "It's not a weird tackling game. It's football! How many times am I going to have to tell you that?"

Patricia shrugged. "As many times as I explain to you that real football is what you Americans call soccer. You don't even use your feet in American Football!"

"And your point is?" Eddie huffed. "We never got to finish our game before, so this time around it will be awesome."

Patricia looked to the sky and dramatically raised her hands in defeat. "And he calls this a date," she muttered to the deaf heavens.

Eddie motioned for her to step forward and blew her an air kiss. "Don't be a spoil sport, cutie."


Eddie winced. "Most girls adore pet names but it figures this one would shoot me death stares," he mumbled under his breath. He looked up and smiled encouragingly at her. "Okay, when I blow the whistle around my neck, you're going to run with the ball and try to get to that end of the field. Got it?"

"Run with ball. Avoid joker in tights. Got it," Patricia confirmed.

"You sure know how to hurt a guy," Eddie grumbled. "They're not tights but I'll let it go." He raised the whistle to his mouth and blew hard. "GO!"

Patricia reacted instantly, running at the start of the whistle. She was fast, sure. But Eddie was faster. Tripping on a large stone didn't really help her case either. The moment her right foot slipped on the rock, she was a goner. She went down and she went down hard.

"Patricia!" Eddie yelled, throwing himself to ground at her side. Panting heavily, he gently rolled her onto her back and peered anxiously into her face. Her eyes were closed and her right cheek was bright green with a grass stain. He patted her other cheek softly, and leaned in closer. "Are you okay?" he asked fearfully.

Patricia's eyes blinked open and she lifted her arm up to block the sun from her face. "Of course I'm fine," she snapped. "Other than the fact that I tripped. This game isstupid," she asserted.

"Thank God," Eddie breathed in relief, opting for once to to defend his precious game. He leaned in even closer and gathered her tight into his arms, smothering her in a giant hug, before pressing his lips to her own. "You scared me!"

"I didn't mean to," Patricia apologized against the soft texture of his mouth. Thinking of the genuine panic in Eddie's voice, she smiled into their kiss. "But it's nice that you care," she said when they finally pulled away from each other.

"Of course I care," he said, pulling her to her feet. "I think we're done with this for now. But do you know what that means?"


"That we're going to have to rematch again! On our next date!"

Chapter 12: Scary Movie NightEdit

Eddie braced his hand against the back of the couch and hurdled over it, flinging himself onto the other side with a cheerful smirk.

Patricia beamed fondly in response. "Join the track team," she teased, referring to his couch dive.

"I'll think about it," he drawled back. "So are you ready for this?" They had been planning this movie marathon for ages. Eddie had suggested hosting it in Patricia's room, but she had objected, mumbling something about him not having the experience to get past Victor without getting caught.

They had agreed to meet in the living room instead, since Eddie's room was already located downstairs.

Eddie had been tempted to ask her about what made her so confident that she had this "experience" that he apparently didn't, but he didn't challenge her. As appealing as he found their banter, he was more attracted to the prospect of watching horror movies with her. Patricia was tough, but she was still a girl, right? At some point, she was boundto get scared. And then she would cuddle into his shoulder or something mushy like that. And Eddie couldn't wait.

He placed the popcorn bowl between them and frowned when he realized he'd just created a barrier between them. He stared at their snack a minute before placing it to his left, leaving him in them middle and Patricia on his right. He growled under his breath. Well this wasn't going to work either. She couldn't reach the popcorn if he was seated in the middle.

Patricia laughed lightly before leaning over him and setting the bowl down on the coffee table in front of them. Eddie blinked at the table and internally berated himself. It seemed like the obvious place, now that he stopped to think about it. What was wrong with him?

"Doofus," Patricia said. "Don't worry about it," she soothed. Eddie smiled, sweet and full of relief.

He reached for the remote and started the movie. "We've got three of the scariest movies known to mankind," he whispered dramatically. "Be prepared to scream," he said spookily.

She shivered as his warm breath tickled her face.

"Scared so soon?"

Eddie seemed surprised. He had expected her to last longer than that.

Patricia adamantly shook her head, refusing to admit that the reason she was shivering was because he was sitting so close.

The first movie flew by, and before Eddie knew it, it was over. He sighed, extremely disappointed. Patricia hadn't so much as flinched. He should have known she'd be immune to movies like this.

"Had you seen this before?" he asked curiously. Maybe that was the reason she hadn't freaked out.

"Nope," Patricia replied. Eddie shrugged, and leaned his arm across the back end of the couch, letting it drop so that it curled around her shoulders. He grinned widely when she didn't pull away from his touch.

Halfway through the second movie, Patricia cringed and put her hands up to her face. Eddie stared at her, concerned. "This part isn't even bad!"

The actors were walking bare feet on a wooden bridge poised over a sea of disfigured monsters. For whatever reason, the screen had panned in on their feet.

"You're scared of feet?" Eddie guessed. He snorted when he realized he was indeed correct. Another wince from Patricia had confirmed that. "It figures you'd laugh at someone being decapitated but be afraid of someone's foot," he sighed. "You're too weird."

But that didn't stop him from holding her close. Patricia shied away from the screen and mumbled a frantic "turn it off!" from behind her hands. He laughed and let her tuck her head into his shoulder and wrap her arms around his waist. He made ample room for her, reveling in the feel of her soft and pliant body against his.

He turned the volume up louder against Patricia's protests and made a mental note to figure out what else frightened her.

She was too cute when she was scared.

Chapter 13: Campfire SnugglesEdit

Jerome growled and cursed under his breath as the tent he was setting up (or attempting to) capsized...for the third time. "This is actually ridiculous," he groaned. "Mara, babe. Please! A little help?"

Mara glanced at the inverted tent laying pathetically beside a rotton log and wrinkled her nose distastefully. "Um, no thanks. You got this!" Jerome gave her a wounded look to which she blew a small air kiss and returned to her earth science book.

"She chose the boring book over you, Clarke," Eddie observed. "That's hilarious."

"Shut up."

Eddie chuckled at Jerome's sullen tone and sauntered over to the miserable tent. "Here, bro. Lemme help you with that."

"Please," Jerome raised his hands in defeat and stepped back eagerly. "Go for it. I give up."

Within minutes Eddie had the tent neatly assembled and rooted firmly to the soil. Jerome glared at him in disbelief but managed a reluctant thanks all the same. Eddie smirked in response and offered him a "no big deal."

Mara looked up from her book and elbowed a disinterested Patricia with a wide grin. "Did you see Eddie? He set that tent up in practically seconds. He's really good with the outdoors stuff."

"Mara!" Jerome scowled at her in jealously and Mara let out an apologetic giggle.

"Sorry, Jerome. It's true..."

"That it is," Eddie confirmed cheerfully. He eyed Patricia hopefully. "Impressed, Williamson?"

"Not yet," Patricia said honestly. "Excuse me for not being into camping equipment." Taking in Eddie's small frown, she stood up and winked at him. "But the night is still young. Show me what you got, Sweet."

Jerome snickered. "When you use his last name it sounds like an endearment instead of a challenge. That's hilarious," he ducked, narrowly missing the stick that Patricia chucked at his head.

"We're camping for two whole days," Patricia reminded him. "Don't you dare test my patience. You'll regret it."

"Probably true," Jerome murmured, grabbing Mara's hand and pulling her in the direction of Fabian and Nina. "Let's see what those two are are up to."

Later that night, the Anubis House gang were crowded around a blazing campfire. Alfie was struggling to open a bag of marshmallows and Amber was prodding him with a stick, demanding he go faster. ("Alfie! What is taking so long!")

Fabian and Nina were sitting next to each other, ankles grazing and heads bent close, deep in quiet conversation. Mara was leaning her head on Jerome and he was gazing at her in adoration. (He never admitted to it, but they all knew she brought out his soft side.) Alfie and Amber were now engaged in playful argument, the two of them wrestling for who would toast their smore first.

Eddie observed the other couples and briefly thought of Joy. It was probably good that she had decided not to come. With all of them paired up, she was bound to feel left out. After glancing at Jerome and Mara one last time, he decided to emulate them. They were snuggling. They had things right.

He didn't admit it out loud but he was a cuddle monster. There was something about the proximity of just made him feel warm. And loved. And then there was the fact that it was Patricia he got to hold. That just made things even better.

He scooted closer and shot Patricia what he hoped was his sexiest smile. (Yes, he mentally categorized his various smiles. Got a problem?) He was expecting her to make a witty remark about how stupid he looked or something like that, but instead she smiled shyly and rested her head in on his shoulder.

"This is nice," she whispered.

"Yeah," Eddie replied. "I was expecting to have to fight you a little harder for the hugging rights," he admitted, only half joking.

"Hugging rights," Patricia echoed. "You are such a dork."

"But you love it," Eddie insisted, dragging her closer and winding his arms around her waist so he held her securely to his side.

"You'll probably find this hard to believe, but it's still cold," Patricia muttered.

"Hold on a sec."

Eddie removed his arms from his hold around her and Patricia physically restrained herself from sighing at the loss of his touch. He shrugged out of his zip up sweatshirt and handed it to her eagerly.

"This is probably really cute and romantic and even hero'ic," he explained with pride.

"Don't brag," Patricia said, slipping her arms into his sweatshirt and smiled as the soft fabric touched her arms. Once she was securely bundled up she threw her arms around him and snuggled into his chest. "This is really cute and romantic."

"True. But if I get sick from not having a sweater, I'll be really upset. So make this snuggling worth my effort, woman!"


Chapter 14: The BetEdit

Eddie yawned and extended his arms in front of him to stretch. "Patricia, this is really boring. It's so nice out. Let's go play football or something!" Eddie sighed at Patricia's dirty look and shrugged. "I didn't think you'd agree but you can't blame a guy for trying..."

"We're doing our homework," Patricia pointed out. "We have to get it done before we do anything else. And when we get around to doing something else, it will not be football. Not after the last time."

"Nerd!" Eddie teased with a bright smile. He leaned over and shut her French book shut. "You sound like Mara right now," Eddie joked. "Don't worry about the homework."

"I'm not that interested in school," Patricia protested. "It's just that this is a huge grade and I really need to do well so I maintain a B average. I'm rubbish at French. We can't all rock that dumb language," she sulked.

"Not all of us," Eddie conceded. "But I can. And I promise to help you later. I promise. Just...take a break at least. For a half hour. You'll focus better afterwards. I promise!"

"That's a lot of promises."

"I'll keep them all," Eddie said. "Let's play Truth or Dare!"

Patricia grinned at her boyfriend's playful nature. He was such a kid sometimes. "With two people? That's not enough people to make the game fun."

"Well how about I challenge you instead?"

"Challenge me? You know I can never resist a challenge."

"Great!" Eddie clapped his hands together and beamed. "I have a bet for you then." He laughed openly at Patricia's quiet groan before continuing. "I bet that you don't have the guts to go to school dressed in all pink girly clothes and walk around with a ridiculously preppy attitude."

Patricia gritted her teeth. "And what do I win if I do this?"

"In return I will do whatever you ask me to do? For a whole day?" Eddie shrugged. "I don't know."

"Lame, but I can make it work," Patricia shot him a devious smile. "And if I lose?"

Eddie grinned. "Well that's easy enough. Our next three dates are going to be proper formal civilized ones. At restaurants," he emphasized with a smirk.

"I don't do restaurants!"

"You will if you lose."

"Worst day of my life," Patricia stormed into Anubis House, clad in a frilly pink skirt and matching top Amber had so graciously lent her.

Eddie burst out into laughter for the fourth or fifth time that day. "I think you look cute..."

"I look like a doll," she growled. "And I hate it."

"Part of the deal was to act preppy," he reminded her. He glanced at his watch and offered her a sympathetic smile. "And you still have another hour until it's lights out so get your act together, my cute little dolly," he crooned.

Patricia resisted the urge to punch his smirking face. Instead, she smiled cheerfully and spoke in a tone so obviously fake, Eddie cringed. "That's right, Eddie. I'm just soexcited to dress like this. I feel like a pretty little princess and this outfit makes me feel like sunshine and rainbows," she said. "In fact, it's inspiring. I can't wait till 10 p.m. Then I can change and maybe punch you in the face or something like that," she smiled sweetly at him and literally skipped off.

Eddie flopped back against the sofa and sighed. "Note to when Patricia throws a punch at my face."

Eddie threw his hands up to his face in an effort to shield himself and ducked, dodging to the left. "Jeez, Yacker!" he gasped. "I didn't think you were actually going to try to hit me."

"You made me dress up like a walking Barbie!"

"You agreed to!"

"Because you challenged me."

"Hey, you agreed to take on the bet!"


"Gosh, Patricia," Eddie said. "Fiesty."

"You're not in all of my classes," she grumbled. "You didn't see the way people laughed at me. And looked at me. So embarrassing..."

"But you won," Eddie pointed out. "And now I'm your slave for a whole day," he said. He tilted his head to a side and considered his words, slightly horrified. "God. This isn't going to end well for me, is it?"


Chapter 15: AVPMEdit

Fabian sat cross legged on his bed and thoughtfully scrolled through the article he was reading for his history assignment. Eddie had graciously let him borrow his laptop while he was out bonding with his dad. Fabian sighed loudly and glanced at his nightstand where his own damaged computer lay dejected and unused. Alfie and Amber had tested the virus on Fabian's computer before installing it on Eddie's and naturally, Fabian's computer had crashed. ("Sorry Fabian! How were we supposed to know it would actually work? Alfie is usually so clueless. I didn't think he'd actually pull it off!")

Eddie had taken his computer into town the very next day to get it repaired since he was so involved in writing that Senkhara piece with Mara. Fabian, on the other hand, hadn't gotten the chance to do so yet. So ironically, he had no choice but to use Eddie's computer.

"Hey Fabs," Eddie teased, sauntering into the room with a bright smile. He chuckled at Fabian's glare. "Amber calls you that all the time," he shrugged out of his jacket and laid it on the back of the desk chair. "So what are you doing on my computer?"

"History homework."

"Homework is for nerds."

"Homework is for everyone," Fabian corrected. "Did you need your laptop though? Feel free, it is yours after all."

Eddie sat down heavily on his bed and nodded. "I was thinking of watching A Very Potter Musical," he said. "No big deal. Why don't you take a break on the homework and join me?" He patted the empty spot beside him and grinned. "It's way more entertaining than homework."

Fabian stood and sat beside him with a passive shrug. "Why not? There's only so much 16th century religious reform information my brain can process."

Eddie wrinkled his nose and shot him a look. "I'm going to ignore that wildly dorky comment," he said, locating the string of youtube videos. "AVPM time!"

"I didn't take you for a Harry Potter fan," Fabian admitted. "I'm impressed you read at all."

"I'm full of surprises," Eddie replied solemnly.

Fabian forgot his history assignment within minutes. He was practically doubling over in laughter, mere minutes in. "This is hilarious," he gasped. "This is really good. The music is surprisingly decent too."

"It's freaking brilliant," Eddie enthused.

Fabian snorted. "Didn't expect that from a hardcore metal and punk rock dude."

"I'm full of surprises," Eddie repeated.

They had barely been watching for a half hour when Patricia burst into their room, Eddie's names on her lips. She paused immediately at the sight of Fabian and Eddie seated on Eddie's bed, grinning at his computer screen.

"What's that'?" She demanded. She stalked over to Eddie's computer and blinked at the screen suspiciously. "What are you watching?"

"A Very Potter Musical," Eddie said.

"Harry Potter?"

"It's awesome," he defended. "It's really good, and it's related to Britain. You should like it too!"

Patricia rolled her eyes and groaned. "Are you kidding me, Eddie? How many times have I told you? Harry Potter should not be the only British reference you have. Honestly, there's so much more to our country and..."

"And you're suddenly super patriotic all of a sudden," Eddie cut her off and made room for a sit. "How about you join us instead?"

She sat down beside Eddie and stared at the screen doubtfully. " I don't know how I feel about this."

"It's very good," Fabian offered. "Even I like it."

"Oh, wow. That guy is really cute. Rewind it, Eddie. I want to see him from the beginning."


"Rewind it, rewind it! What's his name? He's ridiculously good looking!"

'Chapter 16: Soaked & Cantanke'rousEdit

Eddie flung open the front door to Anubis House and breathed a tremendous sigh of relief as he ducked into the warm and welcoming hall. He leaned against the door frame and slumped forward a little, letting the water from his hair drip onto the hard wooden floor.

He was soaked. It was pouring outdoors and he had gotten caught in the relentless rain. Normally, he was a fan of thunder storms. But then again, normally, he wasn't roaming outside in them either. Patricia had left her chemistry book in school and he had offered to grab it for her. She wasn't good at science like him, but that was the best part. He loved tutoring her. He liked to help her and besides. The last time he had tutored her in chem they had made mentos explode and shared their first kiss. It was only natural for Eddie to volunteer to get the book!

He scowled and didn't move from his defeated stance against the door. He knew he should change out of his wet clothes and fix is limp, windswept hair. But he was cold, wet, and miserable. Exhausted and cantankerous.

Eddie heard a small gasp and looked up.

Patricia stood at the opposite end, hands tangled together in concern. She rushed forward until she was less than a feet from his face. She stepped forward to hug him and then leaned back, frowning.

"You're drenched!"

"Yes, Captain Obvious," he snapped. "Take your stupid book. This is all your fault."

Instead of arguing with him, like Eddie had expected, she gave him a hurt look. He groaned because somehow he knew he was going to end up being in the wrong. "Eddie," she reached up to unzip his jacket and let the damp garment slide to the floor. "You offered to get it for me."

"I didn't know it would rain though," Eddie said unkindly. He knew how unreasonable he sounded but when he was cranky, he was short-tempered.

"I didn't know either," Patricia told him gently. "You know that."

Eddie folded his arms across his chest and glared at her.

"Okay, how about this? Let me make it up to you," Patricia smiled at him and Eddie felt his irritation begin to ebb.


He tried to sound suspicious and sulking, but they both knew he was just curious.

"Like this," Patricia whispered, reaching up to pull his arms to his sides so she could wrap her arms around his waist. She rested her head on his chest briefly before moving up to his face and kissing him lightly. Eddie hugged her back and sighed contentedly into her hair. He felt so much better. Just because she was there. Eddie found it crazy how Patricia had the power to kiss his bad mood away.

"I'm getting you wet," he objected.

"Don't worry about," she murmured against his lips. "It doesn't..." Patricia stepped back suddenly without finishing her sentence. "Hi Mr. Sweet."

Mr. Sweet had just entered Anubis House, decked in a large orange poncho. He looked ridiculous. "Don't mind me," he said hastily. "I didn't mean to, erm, interrupt..."

Patricia blushed furiously while Eddie groaned. "My own father," he muttered. "Dad!"

"I'm sorry!" Mr. Sweet exclaimed defensively. "Edison, I didn't know. I'll just be going," he said, rushing up the stairs to Victor's office.

"Just great," Eddie grumbled. "Kiss me again?"

Patricia gave him a searching look. "The mood is kind of gone, don't you think?"

"Patricia," Eddie whined, grabbing her hand in an effort to pull her intro an embrace.

She giggled and slid out of his grasp. "We both really are wet," she pointed out. "Tell you what. Let's both change and then I'll meet you in the kitchen. You can tutor me in chem and enjoy the thunderstorms you find so romantic."

Eddie smiled brightly for the first time that evening and nodded. "Deal!" He bound up the stairs before Patricia could even blink, blowing a quick air kiss over his shoulder.

Chapter 17: ExhaustedEdit

Patricia nudged Eddie and motioned towards the blackboard. "Pay attention," she instructed under her breath. "I know you insist on keeping up the whole bad boy image, but our finals our next week. Do you want to fail and be left behind? I thought the plan was to graduate together and then own a business cooler than Zonko's Joke Shop."

Eddie paled at Patricia's comment and she scowled at his ashen face. "I made a dorky Harry Potter reference! You're supposed to laugh the way you always do. That's why I said it, duh," she poked him in the ribs as if demanding a proper response.

When he still didn't respond, Patricia frowned and scooted her chair closer to his desk. "Eddie," she whispered. "You're not sick are you? You seem a little out of it and you don't look so good."

Patricia was right. Eddie looked exhausted. His hair was mussed and his shirt wasn't tucked in. His tie was incorrectly done and his sleeves were haphazardly rolled up to his elbow instead of neatly folded like usual. She examined his face carefully for the first time that morning and saw his vacant look and the faint circles under his eyes. They weren't too dark, but they were still there.

"You're tired," she realized. She smiled sympathetically and laid her hand on top his. "Why though?"

Eddie finally met her concerned gaze with a bleary stare of his own. "I'm just zoning out," he assured her. His voice lacked his normal confidence and enthusiasm and he just sounded dull.

"And I'm going to be our valedictorian," Patricia deadpanned. "Why are you so tired? Honestly, you're freaking me out a little. I've never seen you like this."

At Eddie's blank look, Patricia sighed. "You can tell me later," she said, gently tugging his head down to pillow it against her shoulder. "If you're going to space out like that, you might as well as be comfortable."

"Final review," Eddie protested, trying to wriggle out of her hold before sagging back against her arm.

"Since when do you care so much about school?" Patricia gave him a strange look. "I agree that finals are important, so don't worry. I swear my notes are good this time of year. And if you're not satisfied, your roommate is our actual future valedictorian. So just take it easy," she said.

Eddie shrugged passively and let his eyes slide shut. "Cover for me," he muttered into her sweater.

"Always, dummy," Patricia smirked and smiled softly at Eddie. She willed herself to avoid the classic "he's so cute when he's sleeping" thought, but wow, it was true. He looked peaceful and innocent and adorable.

Class ended sooner than she would have liked and she reluctantly shook his shoulder. Eddie shot up in alarm and blinked at her sleepily, his eyes rimmed in red.

"Eddie," she practically cooed. "You look like you've been crying."

"I haven't been," he mumbled dumbly. "I was just resting."

"Sleeping," Patricia corrected. She pulled him to his feet and steered him to the door. "The bell rang about five minutes ago. Let's walk back to Anubis House and you can tell me what exactly has you this worn out," she said.

The cold air seem to jar Eddie into a more awake state and he stood up a little straighter. "It's the finals," he finally muttered. Patricia waited for him to elaborate, idly swinging their hands back and forth. She could be patient when she wanted to be. "This is my first term at this school and my dad is the principal. I know I don't really apply myself, but I know I'm bright. I know I probably sound like a jerk but to pull the stunts I do, you have to be bright."

Patricia laughed lightly but let him push onwards. "This is the one time of the year when I really try," he admitted miserably. "I just want to make my dad proud. So all week I've being doing my best and..."

"And you've reached your limit," Patricia finished. "But, Eddie. You've been working harder than Fabian and Nina and that's really saying something! Your dad is going to be proud of you no matter what because he's a total softie," she said. "Don't overwork yourself so hard that you're so tired you do poorly on the actual exams. What have you been up to anyway?"

"Making study guides, reading the books, reviewing homework, creating flashcards..."

"We're going to take a nap," Patricia said firmly.

"Excuse me?" Eddie glared at her. "You know how important my relationship with my dad is to me. I have to do well on these stupid finals. He'll be happy for me. He'll beproud of me, and then maybe we'll be closer."

Patricia shook her head stubbornly. "Your books don't have legs, Eddie. They'll still be here." She dragged him to the couch and shoved him lightly. "Close your eyes for a minute."

"I won't fall asleep."

"Close your eyes," Patricia ordered, disappearing into the hall closet to pull out a blanket. And when she returned to the living room, Eddie was already out like a light, just like she knew he would be. She smiled and draped the blanket over his still form and stroked his hair back before pressing a quick kiss to his forehead.

"I'd totally nap with you if Victor wasn't roaming around," she muttered, exiting the room with one last caring look over her shoulder.

She had at least a couple hours before her Sleeping Beauty woke up. Maybe she could calm his nerves and organize his lame index cards or something like that. She grabbed his backpack off the ground and pulled his folders out of it, plopping down on the chair beside the couch.

"I'm the best girlfriend ever," she declared to barren room save Eddie. She cast her napping boyfriend one last admiring look before reaching for the first stack of index cards.

Chapter 18: HypocriteEdit

Patricia looked from Mr. Sweet's confused face to Eddie's stony expression and winced. Dealing with Mr. Sweet would be awkward...tricky at best. Dealing with Eddie though...

That's going to be a lot harder, Patricia thought in frustration. She looked at Eddie hopefully and offered him a tentative smile. His eyes widened as if surprised that she would even dare test where they stand. He briefly glared at her, his eyes blazing with anger and...pain.

And then the gaze was gone. He wouldn't even look at her. The realization hit Patricia with the force of a cannonball. She was unfamiliar with the dread and guilt that pooled in her gut. She wasn't exactly sure what she had done, but she had seriously screwed this up. That much she was sure of. Obviously asking Piper to help me out was not a good idea.

Sensing the tension, Mr. Sweet offered her a remorseful smile tinted with genuine sadness and disappointment. He wasn't pleased with her. But apparently, he understood. "I'll drive you two back to Anubis House," he said.

Eddie stalked out of the restaurant, hands jammed in his pockets. Patricia shoved past a waiter and nearly tripped a man walking to the restroom and chased after Eddie. Mr. Sweet was left standing alone near their abandoned table. "Great. Then it's settled," he said to no one in particular. Eddie and Patricia were long gone. He motioned for the check and decided to take his time settling the bill. It looked like the pair would need it.

"Eddie," Patricia followed him out of the restaurant, panting with exertion. "Hey, stop for a second! Why are you so angry with me?"

He laughed in disbelief. "Do you honestly not know? Are you kidding me, Patricia?" He crossed his arms and scowled at her. "Bad girl pranksters are supposed to be smarter than this. Or did you not get the memo?"

Patricia stared at him, stunned. "Why are you snapping at me? What did I do?" She was horrified to hear her voice quiver.

"You're a hypocrite, Patricia," Eddie spat. Upon seing Patricia's confused and wounded look of hurt, his irritation only grew. "You were so mad at me when I didn't tell you about my dad! You thought it was your birth right to know my deepest secrets and were upset because I hadn't trusted you enough to mention it," he explained. "But tell me, Patricia. Were you really in the position to make such judgements? When this whole time you've had a twin sister? Don't you think that was information worth knowing?"

Patricia was openly gaping at him. He's right. Oh my god, he's completely right. She took a step closer and sighed, biting her lip. She didn't know how to fix this. "Eddie, I want to apologize. I'm really really sorry."

"You're sorry?" Eddie repeated. "Forget it, Patricia. That's just not good enough. You actually guilted me into feeling bad I didn't tell you about my dad. And this whole time, you didn't tell me about Piper. And not only that, you brought her to what was supposed to be our date! You tried to replace you with her for selfish reasons!" Eddie was yelling now, but he couldn't stop. "I'm a lot of things, Patricia. But I'm not selfish. And I didn't think you were either."

"I'm sorry," Patricia said weakly. "Honestly, I didn't think things through. I don't have an excuse, Eddie. I wish I did."

"Obviously not," Eddie muttered. "I wanted my dad to meet you, Patricia. Not anyone else. And especially not someone who only looks like you." All traces of anger was gone from his voice and he finally looked at her, dejected and sad. "Why would you do that to me?"

Patricia brushed stray tears away and looked at him regretfully. "Honestly, I was just scared. Piper is just so much better than I am! I knew she would know stuff that would make your dad happy. I just wanted him to like me," she said brokenly. "But I knew he never would so I thought this was a good solution..."

Eddie took a step closer and tilted his head in surprise. "Really? That's why you asked Piper to come instead of you?" Patricia wordlessly nodded and his lips tilted into the smallest of smiles. "I thought you just didn't want to be with me and my dad," he admitted. "That you were one of the people that changed their opinion of me. Just because they found out who my dad was. It really hurt," he admitted. "I was hoping you wouldn't do that to me."

"I wouldn't! I didn't!" Patricia sniffled and looked for the right words to continue, staring at him helplessly.

"I know that now," he said, pulling her into a warm embrace. Patricia sighed in relief and returned the hug, burying her face in his chest and inhaling the scent of his cologne.

"I didn't want to mess things up," Patricia said, her voice muffled. "But it looks like I did, anyway."

Eddie pulled away slightly and shook his head. "Well we're hugging, aren't we? Nothing is messed up. We're going to be fine." He grabbed her hand as he saw his dad walking out of the restaurant and the three walked to the car in a suddenly peaceful silence. "I guess we'll have to work things out together," he whispered shyly.

Chapter 19: RamblingEdit

Eddie frowned and stared longingly at Patricia. He kicked Alfie under the lunch table and scowled. "We always sit next to the girls. Why aren't we sitting next to them? I want to sit next to them!"

Alfie looked unimpressed. "You want to sit next to Patricia," he corrected. "And we don't always sit next to the girls. You have a lot to learn, young grasshopper."

Jerome snickered into his soup. "That is the stupidest phrase, I swear. Find something better, Alfie."

"Quiet not so young grasshopper!"

"Not so young grasshopper?"

"Yes," Alfie confirmed with a warning glance. He was all business. "We are not sitting with the girls because we have to plan our sleepover."

"Sleepover?" Eddie stared at him dumbfounded before growling under his breath. "I can't sit with my girlfriend because you're trying to plan 'a sleepover? That's completely absurd!"

"It's tradition!" Alfie defended. Jerome and Fabian nodded their confirmation. "Once a month us guys all crash in one of our rooms and talk and watch movies and eat junk food and stuff. Our sleepovers are intense and therefore must be planned."

"Sounds real intense," Eddie said sarcastically, folding his arms across his chest. "This is stupid."

"Not stupid, but questionable," Fabian interjected. "Are you guys sure that boys have sleepovers?"

Jerome sighed. "I am convinced you didn't have a childhood. Of course they do!"

"Back to business," Alfie said. "Movie suggestions?"

"I want to talk about something else!"

Alfie groaned but Jerome patted his shoulder and motioned for Eddie to continue. He leaned towards Alfie and Fabian and whispered, "Maybe if we let him talk for a bit, he'll let us get back to planning."

"I was thinking about Patricia," Eddie began.

"We would have never guessed," Alfie muttered, wincing when Eddie kicked him under the table again.

He let his chin rest in his hands as he stared at where the girls were sitting. He looked all zoned out and dreamy eyed. Alfie mumbled something about being possessed while Fabian insisted it was just love.

"She's just so beautiful," Eddie sighed. "She likes to act tough but she's actually really sweet, you know?"

Jerome snorted. "Patricia? Sweet?"

"She is," Eddie insisted, staring at Patricia with a serene smile. "She's everything good in the world bundled up into one perfect being..."

"This is a little much," Fabian said. "Even for me. It's like the script to a very poorly written romantic comedy."

"There is nothing funny about this mush," Alfie looked aghast. "This is so sweet it's sickening...cut it out, Eddie!"

"But I can't!" Eddie was grinning stupidly at the table where the girls sat. Patricia hadn't even noticed he was staring. "I love how she always has a comeback to everything I throw at her. But she's not totally invincible either. I can still make her blush. I love making her blush."

Jerome groaned and put his hands to his ears. "This was a mistake," he said. "Back to the planning. Just tune him out."

Fabian looked at Eddie, completely bewildered. He was still rambling about Patricia's "big heart" and her "precious smile". "I recommend that documentary on Egypt I bought last weekend."

"No!" Jerome and Alfie chorused together.

"Shutter Island!"

"Under The Same Moon...La Misma Luna!"

Both Jerome and Fabian stared at Alfie, completely caught off guard. "What! It's this Spanish movie I once saw. It's kind of moving, Carlitos is adorable..."


The three continued to argue over movies, drowning out Eddie's steady stream of Patricia-oriented compliments.

Finally, Eddie slammed his book on the table, making the other three jump. "You're not listening to me," he whined. "I'm about to say something important!"

"Oh," Jerome said. "You've been rambling about Patricia for the last half hour. You should have warned us you were about to say something important. Go ahead."

"I officially declare Patricia the most beautiful girl on the planet!"

Jerome pushed Eddie off his chair and walked off without a backwards glance with Fabian and Alfie right behind his lead.

Chapter 20: JealousEdit

Eddie looped his tie around his neck with an unsteady left hand. He was too busy attempting to eat his bagel with his other to dedicate two hands to getting himself dressed. He stared at the messy knot and uneven fabric before letting a carefree shrug roll off his shoulders and returning to his first priority: breakfast.

Nina laughed at him from the other end of the kitchen. "You need both hands to get that tie right," she commented. "It looks horrendous."

"A tip from one American to another, huh?" Eddie grinned at her as she stepped closer and offered her a bite of the half-eaten bagel. Nina eyed it distastefully before declining. "So how do I fix the tie?"

Nina placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes at him. "Use both hands. I think you know that." She couldn't help but laugh when Eddie motioned to his bagel once more and made no move to fix his attire. "I'll fix it," she sighed.

She stepped even closer and unwound the tie from his neck, starting from the beginning. Eddie was taller than her and she found herself closer to him than she would have liked to be. "There," she muttered.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Martin," Eddie teased. "Looks like Patricia is running late again. If I'm late to math one more time I'll get a detention. Care to walk with me?"

Nina smiled cheerfully and accepted with a gentle nod of her head. She murmured something about how Fabian had the flu and she was glad she had a good friend to walk with.

But Patricia didn't stick around to hear that part. She had come thundering down the stairs, afraid of being late again. She was about to enter the kitchen to grab a quick bite for the walk when she heard Eddie and Nina talking together. Laughing together. After hearing their flirty exchange, she had gritted her teeth and rushed out the door, abandoning her plan to get breakfast.

That was the first time she got jealous of them.

"You didn't wait for me this morning," Patricia whined.

Eddie smiled at her softly and kissed the corner of her mouth. "I was afraid you were going to make me late," he protested. "But it just so happens that you made it to class before me." He pulled back and looked at her curiously. "Now that I think about did you manage to do that? I could have sworn you were running even later than I was and I didn't see you in the kitchen later on either."

Patricia kept her gaze trained on the floor, knowing how uncomfortable she'd look if she looked at him. "I'm a ninja,'" she finally said.

Eddie popped the tab off his can of soda and took a deep gulp before grabbing his backpack.

"Wait - where are you going?" Patricia was confused. It was lunch time and they nearly always sat together unless Alfie dragged the guys away from their respective girlfriends for one of his "manly sleepover planning sessions."

"Lunch date with Nina," Eddie said. "We got partnered together for that history project."

Patricia flinched at the word date. She knew he didn't meant it like that

"See ya later," he said, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before hurrying out of the lunchroom. He was too busy focusing on being on time for Nina to even notice Patricia's distress.

"Date," she muttered aloud to the empty lunch table.

"I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not...oh screw it," Patricia broke off her chant and buried her face in her hands and let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm jealous," she practically wailed.

Okay, so they're both American. And now they both kind of relate because of this Senkhara mess. And they're both pretty friendly to the people around them. They're both really good at science. Oh my god. I could go on and on. They're so similar! What if he starts to like her? What if he picks her over me?

No calm down, Patricia. Eddie really really likes you, you know that. He's only working with Nina because they have a project to do. He doesn't see her as anything more than a friend. They don't really talk about important things. They're practically strangers. They -

"So you were upset with your dad this whole time because you thought he didn't want you?" Patricia could hear Nina's voice from the hall. Apparently, she and Eddie had decided to work more on the project after school and no one had seen them since the bell rang.

Patricia checked her watch and frowned. It was nearly six in the evening. They had been together for hours. She dispelled that distasteful thought and strained to hear their conversation.

"Yeah," Eddie confirmed. "But now I know he was just trying to keep me safe. He knew I was the Osirian. Well...we haven't really talked about it yet so I'm kind of assuming. But now I know for sure that he knew something. He knew I was involved and I think he wanted to keep my mom and I safe," Eddie took a deep breath before continuing. "It feels good to know I was never not loved, you know what I mean?"

"Of course!" Nina patted his arm soothingly and gave him a warm smile. "Come on. Everyone's probably eaten already. We might as well as have dinner together."

Patricia flopped back on the couch and scowled. What was that about not talking about important things and being strangers? Eddie had told Nina something really personal. He hadn't even told Patricia that yet! Sure, Patricia has assumed as much, but he hadn't actually told her.

For the first time in the history of her involvement of Sibuna, Patricia wished she was more involved. She wished she was Nina.

Maybe then she and Eddie would connect.

Eddie set down his pen with determined force and cleared his throat. "I've had enough of this. Why have you been avoiding me? Even when we're together you hardly speak to me. What did I do this time?"

Patricia gritted her teeth and willed herself to focus on her homework.

"Patricia, hello! I'm talking to you!"

She finally slammed her book shut and glared at him. "I've been clearing your schedule for you," she snapped. "I've been avoiding you so you can spend as much time as you want with Nina."

Eddie stared at her blankly. "Nina? Why would I want to spend time with Nina?" As he kept his eyes trained on Patricia's upset face, realization dawned on him. "You're jealous," he guessed.

He started to laugh before breaking off immediately. Laughing was probably not the best course of action if he wanted to comfort Patricia.

He stood up and wrapped her in a giant hug. Patricia shoved at his chest furiously and yelled at him to let her go. "Not a chance, Yacker," he teased and held her closer until she finally relented and sagged against him.

"I thought you two were perfect for each other," she mumbled into his chest. Eddie stroked her hair and waited for her to continue. Patricia lifted her head and stared at him with a teary expression. "You're her Osirian. That's a big deal, Eddie. It has to mean something. And you guys were just spending so much time together and I know I'm being silly but I just - "

"Got jealous," Eddie finished. "It happens to the best of us," he said, tugging her to feet. "Come on, we haven't been spending enough time to together. It's time blow of this work and spend four hours reminding you of how amazing I think you are and how we're completely meant to be."

"Four hours is the amount of time you spent with Nina the other day."

"Four hours I should have been spending with you," he replied simply, wiping her tears away and wrapping her in another bear hug.